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Hair Transplant

The best solution for hair loss is often the transplant. Men are often disappointed when a sudden hair loss occurs and changes their usual appearance. On the other hand, hair loss is often associated with people of an older age and it’s natural to be aesthetically concerned. Each case should be studied to see if there are any causes which are likely to be medically treated.

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Dental Medicine

Our clinic provides services in all areas of dental medicine and is equipped with the most advanced technology of today. We have a customized service with a strict quality standard and a team of highly qualified professionals.

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Bariatric Plication

It has become a very attractive technique for patients and physicians alike, due to several factors. This is a new form of surgical treatment of obesity that does not require cutting the digestive tract or applying a band around the stomach.

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Surgery of the Month:

Breast Augmentation

Candidates for this surgery are women who do not feel satisfied with the size of their breasts because they considered it insufficient.

Specialty of the Month:


The ophthalmology surgery offers the most advanced techniques for the correction of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Treatment of the Month:


Non-invasive body sculpting: minimal pain, no anesthesia, short-term results, only one treatment session.