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Dental Aesthetics

Draw your smile at Clínica Luso Espanhola


Dental aesthetics is often associated with various dental problems. This fact directly affects self-esteem and is related to the smile, such as:

  • Shape and size of teeth;
  • Dental spaces and bad positioning.


Clínica Luso Espanhola is endowed with the most advanced technology of today and has highly qualified professionals, enabling functional and aesthetic treatments.


The use of CAD-CAM technology, immediate implants, dental aesthetics (facets and crowns), smile design, orthodontic corrections and bleaching allows us to offer the most adapted smile for each case.



It is one of the most recent techniques in dental medicine, in the case of a software where photographic images and videos of the patient are worked for the elaboration of an aesthetic treatment.


Thus, it is possible to predict the final result before starting treatment.

DSD is a tool used in aesthetic and digital dentistry that allows improving the diagnosis through communication between the dentist and the patient, increasing predictability throughout the treatment.


Facets (dental contact lenses)

The facets are the aesthetic treatment of choice. These modify the bad tooth positioning, teeth darkened, size, shape, color and the relationship of the teeth with the face and lips. It is the simplest and painless way to get a beautiful, healthy, natural and white smile.


Unlike traditional systems, they are prepared with minimal dental preparation and no pain.


The transformation of the smile could not be easier, in fact, only two queries are needed:

  • In the first consultation, minimally invasive preparations are performed if necessary and an impression that is perfectly suited to your teeth.
  • In the second, the ceramic facets customized and adapted to the teeth are placed and retouched for a perfect fit and comfort.


This treatment can be previously planned with Dental Smile Design, improving the predictability of treatment. A mockup can also be performed, which provides the patient with intraoral visualization of the study performed before initiating treatment.





Clínica Luso Espanhola is at the forefront of the most current treatments in aesthetic dentistry being one of the two clinics in Portugal to obtain the Lumineers certificate.

Lumineers® Are the greatest advancement in dental cosmetics for the last 30 years.

These ceramic facets are placed with a minimally invasive preparation, and only a small polishing of the teeth is required.


LUMINEERS® are manufactured by the laboratory Cerinate™ In California and simply cemed into the tooth providing a painless and radiant smile.







Clinical Cases

Lumineers Facets

Rehabilitation with ceramic veneers

Rehabilitation with feldespathic Facets

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