Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

What is a dental implant?


A dental implant is a small cylindrical piece in titanium that aims to replace the root of a natural tooth.


The implant can be placed in the upper or lower jaw and, over time, will be joined to the bone, thus serving as support to a fixed prosthesis (Crown = object similar to the tooth that is applied to the implant).


Dental implants may be used to replace one or more teeth simultaneously.





Immediate implants

At Clínica Luso Espanhola we have the possibility of placing a tooth (crown) or a total prosthesis (structure with several teeth). Depending on the feasibility of the cases, immediate placement of the Crown or provisional prosthesis may be possible on the day of implant placement.


This function allows to rehabilitate one or all of the teeth in a single day, always in order to restore the function and aesthetics of our patients.


We use the most advanced techniques of implantology and minimally invasive for placement of dental implants. Each case is studied and constructed individually, with the aim of achieving a treatment with safety, speed, efficacy, functionality and aesthetics.


For patients who are afraid of pain, we offer the possibility to take advantage of the operative block with general anesthesia or sedation, in order to obtain a comfortable and quiet treatment.







Rehabilitation with 6 implants and fixed Metalo-ceramic prosthesis

Superior rehabilitation with 6 implants and fixed prosthesis

Bimaxillary rehabilitation with 6 implants per arch and 2 fixed prostheses

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