Oral Rehabilitation

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Oral Rehabilitation

Oral rehabilitation aims at rebuilding destroyed teeth, replacing dental lack, restoring aesthetics and phonetics, as well as preventing joint pathology and restoring occlusion.


Currently, there is the possibility of performing oral rehabilitation using crowns based on the latest scanning technologies with a CAD/CAM computer-assisted design.


We use more resistant and aesthetic crowns (zirconium, Alumina and feldspar ceramics) and the most modern systems (CAD-CAM).

This possibility assures patients an unparalleled biocompatibility, beauty and endurance.


This set of oral restorations can modify and renew aesthetics, based on the masticatory function of the patients.


The smile design is characterized for each patient, and the color, shape and size of the teeth can be modified. It is a treatment designed to the extent of each patient, based on the face and lips.






Superior total rehabilitation with crowns in Zirconnia

Rehabilitation with crowns on teeth and ceramic implants

Superior total rehabilitation with Zirconnia crowns

Metalo-Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic Top Crowns

Procera® Crowns[/cap

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