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Orthodontics – Orthodontic Appliance


What is orthodontics?


Orthodontics is a specialty of dental medicine responsible for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of bad positions of teeth and jaws.


This specialty involves the design, application and control of corrective appliances to bring teeth, lips and arcades to an appropriate alignment to achieve a facial balance.


The time of each treatment depends on the nature of the case, the age of the person and the existing bone and dental situation.

Everyone can perform an orthodontic treatment to have a more beautiful and healthy smile, from children to adults, with no distinction of age.


In addition to aesthetic advantages, orthodontic treatments can prevent gingival problems, dental and facial pain.


The dentist, specialist in orthodontics, should decide what type of treatment is indicated for each patient after a detailed study is performed.




Metallic self-bonded orthodontic Appliance

In the orthodontic apparatus self-linked the arch (orthodontic wire) that passes in each braket, dispense with the use of elastic bandages (“rubber”).


Another advantage of this type of brackets is oral hygiene. The lack of elastic ligatures helps prevent the accumulation of food residues, decreasing the possibility of plaque formation and caries.


There are studies that indicate that orthodontic treatment with the self-bonded system may be faster (up to 7 months faster than the conventional orthodontic appliance), depending on the type of pathology of the patient. This advantage is due to the lower friction between brackets and arch, which makes tooth movement faster and safer.




Aesthetic self-bonded orthodontic Appliance

Similar to the functions of the metallic self-bonded bracket, these brackets are ceramic (translucent material on the front of the appliance).


LINGUAL Orthodontic Apparatus

Lingual Orthodontics is a technique in which the brackets are placed by the lingual face of the teeth, being the only orthodontic treatment really invisible.

This treatment is indicated for anyone who prefers to “straighten their teeth” without others realizing it.


In people with great public exposure or in sports practitioners, for example, it is the first choice technique, as it avoids injuries to the lips and cheeks, as there is no contact with the device.




Transparent aligners/leaks (INVISALIGN®)

Another alternative to lingual orthodontics, are transparent aligners or leaks, almost imperceptible and removable, allowing a normal feeding and sanitization.

This technique allows to treat, in appropriate cases, with efficacy and aesthetics.

Multiple aligners are used according to a specific order and during predetermined time periods.

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