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Current Laser Tattoo Removal technology allows a surgery without scarring and is still recommended to remove pigments responsible for triggering allergies.

Remove tattoos in six years was an extremely difficult procedure. Existing techniques rarely managed to completely eliminate the drawings and frequently leave scars and Keloids. With the advancement of technology in different areas of medicine, especially in laser devices used by dermatologists, it is possible the removal of these images more accurately and with much less risk of sequelae.

Currently, the laser equipment emit pulses of light known as shots-so rapidly that the heat generated by selective absorption of light by pigment (tattoos and blemishes) is dissipated before skin lesion.

The removal is still a painful process and which costs on average four times more than do the tattoo.

To increase the tolerance of the patient, apply an anesthetic cream or injection, called infiltration. The better the tattoo, worst is the result of the removal, because these tattoos are loaded in organometallic pigments, more resistant to laser.

Black tattoos, homogeneous, frosted and with thin strokes, are the easiest to be removed. Already the yellow, green, red or with skin tones are more difficult and may still change color during the process. There is a great variability of tones and mixtures, therefore, to respond to the expectations of the patient in a more judicious, prior evaluation is needed, which can also indicate and do tests on small areas of the tattoo. Professional reports that, in some cases, you can only remove the tattoo in about 85%.

In General, the minimum indication for removal is five sessions, one every six weeks. The laser fragments the pigments into smaller particles that will be eliminated by the body itself. As the response is individual and variable, it is necessary that interval between sessions.

To perform the procedure the skin cannot be tanned and men must shave the areas with body hair to avoid that they also absorb the laser light and be eliminated permanently causing failures.

A new technology can make life easier for future regret. A special ink to tattoo that can be removed with just three laser applications is in the testing phase in the United States.



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