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In the plasma treatment is carried out a patient blood collection, which will be centrifuged for obtaining the plasma, which in turn will be injected in the region required.

This is a technique that can provide benefits in volumetric terms of the face, will be also stimulated the dermis, forming an array more dense and rich in elastin and collagen, making the skin more structured and, consequently, improved some wrinkles.

What are the most frequent problems that can appear after treatment with plasma?

After a treatment some reactions may occur. The most common are a slight redness, swelling, bruising,. The reactions are usually mild to moderate and usually disappear spontaneously within one or two days after application.



So far there is no contraindication or side effects reported due to the use of the plasma, as this is obtained from the blood harvested from the patient himself.



This treatment will have the height of its result two months after injection of plasma (because it is a rejuvenating treatment). How is used the plasma of the own patient, the degree of response is individual, consequently the response to treatment is variable, never being able to quantify the degree of improvement starting. Therefore you may need more than a plasma treatment, or combine with other types of treatments to achieve the aesthetic objectives to which the patient hopes for.



Blood collection is made to the patient to be centrifuged for obtaining the plasma, which in turn will be injected in the region (s) required (s).

The treatment is quick, normally takes about 20 to 30 minutes. This treatment does not affect the facial expression.



After the plasma treatment is normal reddish hue, introduce face contours of face swollen, hematomas (bruises), appears more sensitive to the touch.

After the swelling post-treatment should apply ice on it. In the case of hematoma (bruise) may use trombocidos or similar to accelerate the resorption of hematoma.

On the same day of treatment you can use your usual creams and if necessary you can put.

Should refrain from direct sunlight (Beach, solarium), sauna, Turkish bath, intense exercise, massage the face and facial during 7 days after treatment.

After treatment will give you a date on which I must return to the clinic in order to monitor the results of the treatment carried out.

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