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This is a cosmetic surgery performed to increase the volume of breasts. Are candidates for this surgery women who do not feel satisfied with the volume of your breasts by consider it insufficient. The surgeon must assess whether the patient’s personality profile is suited to adapt later to your new look. The greatest difficulty for the surgeon derives from the fact that trying to find out the volume with which the patient will feel more satisfied.



The incision to insert dentures can be made at the level of the areola, armpit or in the inframammary Groove. This is to create a space behind the mammary gland to put a prosthesis. When the prosthesis is placed behind the mammary gland, we talk about prosthetics retroglandulares and when we put them behind the pectoral muscle talk retromusculares prosthesis. Some surgeons are supporters of leave drains for a few days. With the technique practiced in Clínica Luso Espanhola, do not consider necessary the use of drains.



This surgery is usually performed with local anesthesia combined with sedation. Lasts for 50 to 60 minutes and lasts little more relocation of 5 to 6:0.




It is possible to obtain the desired volume because there are several shapes and sizes of breast implants. There must be harmony between the volume of the breast and chest size, so the choice of prostheses should be discussed and planned with the surgeon. The final result is seen almost immediately. It should be noted that after the surgery there are some “swelling”, her tits are a larger volume that will diminish until the definitive aspect (shall be obtained after 3 weeks). The end result is visible at the end of 6 months.



After the operative Act, the patient will make use of an am-tien should be specific used for approximately 30 days. During this period the patient should always use the BRA both day and night and, after this period whenever practice sport.

The woman must be operated a few days it will be normal to be a little tired. The pain is not usually strong and is easily controlled with any painkiller. The bandages are made every 48 hours and then another at irregular intervals. We took the sutures (stitches) after 2 weeks. In most cases, the woman may resume independent living and normal after a few days. We also recommend to avoid violent efforts or gymnastics for 3-4 weeks. It is normal to feel a slight reduction of breast tenderness, which is temporary and rarely definitive. The swelling or breast edema after giving a few weeks. Bath or shower only after permission from the doctor. The resulting scar will depend fundamentally the quality of healing this patient in particular. Each individual presents a special peculiarity with regard to healing.



Capsular shrinkage: it is a problem that seems to have a tendency to decrease as the prosthetics improve in quality. To treat this problem it may be necessary to operate and the solution may undergo change, prostheses rupture the capsule (capsulotomy) take the capsule (capsulectomy).

The prosthesis breakage: the patient note one breast more swollen than the other. If dentures are hiper-coesivas, the risk that happened with the old silicone implants output and dissemination for the rest of the body decreases or disappears. To solve the problem, the denture should be removed and can be placed a new.

Infection can happen in the first 10: days postoperatively. This type of complication requires taking the denture and only after several weeks of infection if treated should put a new prosthesis. Is a very rare complication. In our clinic we only had an affair.





1. What kind of prostheses are usually used to increase the breast?
Currently the most commonly used are the texturadas silicone prostheses.

2. Silicone prostheses can cause cancer?
Any prospective or retrospective held in the world has demonstrated such a relationship. Some studies on the contrary appear to demonstrate that women who got silicone prosthesis die less than breast cancer.

3. What kind of scars can leave a breast augmentation operation?
The scar can be axillary, periareolar, intraareolar and submamária. Rarely exceed 4 inches.

4. The prostheses can be placed outside of the muscle?
The prostheses can be behind or gland inside the large muscle pecs. Every situation has its advantages and its drawbacks.

5. What size that uses?
Our customers prefer to get prostheses with sizes between 220 and 350cc, although sometimes also use larger volumes.

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