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What is Cervical-Facial Lifting?

Cervical-Facial Lifting is surgery to improve the appearance of the face and neck. After making an incision in the skin, normally around the patient’s ear, stretches the skin saggy. Can also be treated in-depth facial muscles.


There are different types of facial lifting that have to do with the extent of the surgery and plastic surgery done to facial muscles. The endoscopic facelift, which hasn’t had a lot of acceptance, the cervical lifting that affects only the neck, the middle third of the face lift and the frontal facelift, which affects the frontal region.



lifting cervico facialDURATION OF SURGERY

In expert hands takes between 90 and 120 minutes.




Improve skin tension, eliminate the sagging and fine wrinkles. Eliminate fat deposits on the cheek. When you don’t get the desired stretch, you can repeat the procedure partially passed 3 months.




The skin is incisada around the ear of the patient, in order to make the scars almost completely imperceptible. Once taken off the skin superficial muscle of the face and neck, we performed the plication of the same using the technique of Becker modified. After the skin should be pulled in vertically upwards, trying to improve the slackness of the structures.




Can be varied: the infection rarely happens. The hematoma, being infrequent, can happen in patients with uncontrolled hypertension. Can also be facial nerve damage (the complication most feared but also extremely infrequent). We don’t have infection cases yet at Clínica Luso Espanhola. We have 2 cases of hematoma which were solved without consequences and nerve injury rate is zero. The cases of necrosis of the skin are very rare in healthy people, but can occur in smokers is therefore recommended to quit smoking with some prior to surgery.




1. When can I get out of the House?

Can leave since the second day, but to have a reasonable aspect we must wait 4-5 days.


2. When the suture points retreat?

The stitches are usually removed after 10 days, depending on the healing of each case.


3. When can I go to the hairdresser?

Can shampoo after 2 days, taking care to disinfect the wound. You can comb your hair but should avoid the dryer too hot in the early days, as well as painting. Only recommend these hair treatments after removed the suture points.


4. The scars are very visible?

The scars of the most exposed are virtually invisible, because usually heal very well. The worst scars are hidden behind the ear and therefore are not evident.


5. The facelift will solve all the problems of facial aging?

Nāo. For a good result must be treated other facial areas, such as the area around the lips, which may need fillers and laser for smooth skin. Can also be recommended treatment with platelet-rich plasma to improve the vitality of the skin; peeling treatments for small stains or small wrinkles; Botulinum toxin for the front zone; etc.


6. At what age can I undergo this surgery?

Depends on each case, but in cases of premature aging can be performed this surgery on patients with more than 40 years.


7. How long does the result?

Depends on each case. In cases of patient with skin aging and low elasticity the results are less durable. In cases of patients with skin of more quality the result can remain for many years.




Prepare the preoperative study. Should generally be made analyses and any other study that the Doctor considers necessary. Must suspend tobacco 4 weeks before surgery. Should also avoid taking aspirin or similar 8 days earlier. Should seek the help of a relative or friend on the day of surgery.




Keep fasting unless otherwise stated the Surgeon. Must reach the Clinic in advance. Comfortable clothing and avoid high heels. Shower and don’t put cream on my face or hair. Avoid Nail Polish. Don’t take valuables or jewelry to the clinic. No need to bring any bags or Pajamas to the clinic.




Avoid alcohol or aspirin in subsequent days.


1 day. On the day of surgery should stay in bed in semideitado position. The surgery is done on an outpatient basis for what will be high after 6-12 hours after surgery. Should go straight home.


Day 2. Avoid efforts and moderate the movements of the neck and head. Take the prescribed medication and get to do life.


Day 3. Can go out at small tracks. Avoid sudden movements. The dressings are made usually every 48 hours.


Day 4. You can wash your hair and then disinfect the scars with povidone-iodine (betadine).

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