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What is Reduction Mammaplasty?

Reduction Mammaplasty aims to lessen or reduce the breast volume. Voluminous breasts constitute not only an aesthetic problem but a Medical problem of the first order, due to the overload that cause over the column of many women, causing frequent column pains with accentuation of the dorsal kyphosis; in other cases, especially in the young woman, may be the cause of severe personality changes. The dysmorphism which supposes the bulky breasts can make a young person complexed and timid, unable to integrate socially and unable to achieve the complete emotional maturation. To all this we must add that the bulky titty woman tends to adopt a hunched posture to hide part of your problem, which further exacerbates the overhead on cervical-dorsal column.




The goal of surgery is to reduce the volume and skin gland and correct the position of the breast, areola and nipple usually drops. There are different operative techniques that can be performed by the surgeon. A technique employed by many Surgeons for decades throughout the world is the operation of Pitangui. This operation can be considered the standard with which they are to be compared the new techniques. The surgery leaves some anchor-shaped scars. One of the problems we have this operation leaves scars relatively large and may be too visible. In all the techniques the removal of excess skin, fat and gland, trying to keep the areola and nipple irrigation, which are pulled up to the new position.



This operation is usually performed under general anesthesia. At Clínica Luso Espanhola we performed an infiltration with local anesthesia to complement the anesthesia and facilitate the dissection. The duration of this surgery is approximately 70 to 90 minutes per breast.



The woman must be operated a few days easy, since it will be normal to be a little tired. The pain is not usually strong and is easily controlled with any painkiller. The bandages are made every 48 hours and then another at irregular intervals. We took the sutures (stitches) after 2 weeks. In most cases the woman can resume independent living and normal after a few days. We also recommend to avoid violent efforts or gymnastics for 3-4 weeks. It is normal to feel a slight reduction of breast tenderness that is temporary and rarely definitive. The swelling or breast edema after giving a few weeks.



There must be harmony between the breast volume and the size of the thorax and body mass. In cases of very voluminous breasts, it may be difficult to obtain absolute symmetry and may need some later retouching. The result is observed only after several months. The results may be worse in people smoking or extreme gigantomastia. The techniques more mo-Ferrand I seek a reduction reduction breast that let a beautiful shape of the breast, with sufficient residual volume, an appropriate projection and the smallest possible scars. However, the healing is a personal characteristic and varies from patient to patient. The end result is visible at the end of 6 months.



After the operative Act, the patient will make use of a particular BRA, which should be used for approximately 30 days. During this period, the patient should always use the BRA both day and night and after this period whenever practice sport. Bath or shower only after permission from the doctor. The resulting scar will depend fundamentally the quality of healing this patient in particular. Each individual presents a special peculiarity with regard to healing.



We should consider breast reduction surgery a safe technique, when performed by a properly trained medical team. As with any surgery, complications can arise as: infection, tissue necrosis, loss of nipple nipple complex (very rare), asymmetries, decreased sensitivity, etc. Breast reduction surgery will leave permanent scars. Can happen Keloids (SCAR thick and red) and hypertrophic scars (large) especially on black women. Breastfeeding can be affected in some cases when the reduction is too big.

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