Clínica Luso Espanhola is proud of its national and international recognition, please read bellow a short description about Clínica Luso Espanhola.

First with the name “Clínica Valls” and since 2003 under the designation “Clínica Luso Espanhola” has earned national and international recognition, being increasingly regarded by its innovative character and results achieved.

This clinic developed as a result of a changing society that has become increasingly concerned with image and beauty.


As standards of living increase and basic needs are satisfied, an increase in the search for other types of care (secondary), such as health and beauty develop.

To have a good physical appearance, to be comfortable with oneself and to live in harmony within this world is desirable these days. To a certain extent, health is connected to beauty, and beauty can be identified by perfection in shape and spirit.

As the years go by, we acknowledge the need to extend our services to other areas of medicine. This is why the clinic has twenty specialties and three integrated units, with over fifty highly qualified professionals at your service.


We have agreements and partnerships with the main insurers and health sub-systems. We are the only health care unit in the country with special conditions in medicine and aesthetic surgery for those who benefit from insurance and health sub-systems.

The development of the clinic is based on two pillars, the continuous training of the team, and the systematic incorporation and adaptation of the most recent technologies.

The vertiginous advances of the last few years in medicine and surgery make it necessary for permanent efforts in developments to be made. Aware of these advances, we commit ourselves in offering you appropriate results.

Our clinic has sought to respond to all challenges placed before us. We hope you will be pleased with us.

We take care of you

The vertiginous advances made in recent years in Medicine and Surgery make it necessary a permanent effort to update. Always aware of these advances, we are committed to always offering you the best possible results.

4,6 / 5
Team Elements
More than 25
Years of Experience


Clinical Director

Dr. Emilio VallsDiretor Clínico

Medical Team

Dr. Emilio VallsCirurgia Geral
Drª. Isabel BartoschCirurgia Plástica
Drª. Bela PereiraCirurgia Geral
Prof. Doutor José Manuel MendesMedicina Dentária
Dr. Gustavo RibeiroMedicina Dentária
Dr. António PintoMedicina Estética
Dr. Álvaro SáOftalmologia
Dr. Carlos RomoAnestesisiologia
Dr. Manuel VicoAnestesiologia
Dr. Álvaro OliveiraAnestesiologia
Drª. Lucília RochaAnestesiologia
Dr. Rui XavierRinoplastia
Drª. Eduarda CoutinhoNutrição

Dental Medicine

Prof. Doutor José Manuel MendesMedicina Dentária
Dr. Gustavo RibeiroMedicina Dentária
Joana MendesAssistente


Dr. Rui XavierRinoplastia

Aesthetic Treatments

Dr. António PintoMedicina Estética


Enf. Isabel LopesEnf. Chefe
Enf. Liliana Fernandes
Enf. Helena Jesus


Drª. Eduarda Coutinho


Dr. Álvaro Sá


Drª. Mónica Pereira

Capillary transplant

Dr. Emilio Valls

Aesthetic Consultant

Diana Sousa


Drª. Teresa Castillo


Vanessa Guerra


Eng. Juan Valls

Human Resources Director

Jevgenija Hmelnicka

Front Office

Isabel Soares
Sónia Antunes
Daniela Silva

Sterilization / Auxiliary Medical action

Carla Bastos


Élia Mendonça



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